What should I attend?

Not sure what sessions you should attend? Here's a helpful guide to plan out your day of learning. Please note that these pages don't contain live links to the session agendas. Those are available through the 2014 Session Description pages. 
Elementary Strands:

Elementary 1:1 - "I'm going to have a 1:1 iPad classroom next year. What do I need to do to be ready?"

Elementary BYOD - "I'd love to have more student devices in my room. How do I get started and what are some easy ideas to implement?"

Elementary iPad - "I have a teacher iPad and access to school or district checkout packs. I'm looking for ideas to use these resources with my students."

Elementary Communication - "I would like for parents and students to know more about what's happening in my classroom. How can I communicate more efficiently?"

New Elementary - "I'm just starting out. I'm looking for some easy ways to integrate technology to enhance student learning."

Elementary Innovation - "I'm an experienced teacher. I'm looking for new ideas to challenge myself and my students."

Secondary Strands:

Secondary 1:1 - "I'll be teaching in a 1:1 environment next year. I'm looking for ideas to help students succeed with their access to technology."

Secondary Math - "I'm a math teacher looking for some new ideas for improving student learning."

Secondary LA/SS - "I teach language arts or social studies. I'm looking for new ways to efficiently share resources with students."

Secondary Science - "I'm a science teacher looking for ideas for sharing resources and offering new ways for students to learn."

New Secondary - "I'm a new teacher looking for ways to actively engage my students."

Secondary Innovation - "I'm an experienced teacher looking for new ways to offer my students innovative learning experiences."
Secondary Communication - "I'm seeking new ways to more effectively communicate what's happening in my classroom with students and parents."