Upstairs commons by the Makerspace at 10:00

The STEAM Slam is a combination of speed dating and career networking or… “speed networking,”! Faculty are often too busy to learn about new resources or industry techniques that could make them more efficient when discussing STEM/STEAM related “careers” with their students.  The Columbia STEM Alliance, along with a handful of CPS, will conduct a form of “speed dating for STEAM”. In this format, local professionals run a series of 3-5 minute intro sessions on how they view STEAM in their profession. Teachers are given the opportunity to discuss topics with the professionals and network. 

Professions discussed be included from the 6 Career Pathways recognized by the State of Missouri -Engineering Technology, Health Services, Human Services, Arts and Communications and Business Technology

Professional lineup:

Diane Heckemeyer - Emery Sapp Construction

Paul Delcourt - Controls and Service Engineer, JL Crum

Kristin Anda - Biomedical Engineering Supervisor, 3M

Dave Nichols - Public Works Director, City of Columbia

John Conway - Civil Engineering Consultant

John Frerking - Business Development Manager, Engineering Surveys & Services

Bill Moore - Columbia STEM Alliance, 3M

Greg Grote - Director of Engineering, Engineering Dynamics International