Secondary Schedule

My Fav Web 2.0 Cloud-based Apps - Jeff Cochran, Patrick Sasser
So many tools, so little time. This fast-paced session should help you generate ideas for later application. Watch demonstration of cloud-based apps used to save time and integrate technology into the classroom. Session includes: QR codes, concept maps, word clouds, polling apps, texting apps, and Chrome browser extensions and app options.
Room 142

iBooks Author - Tim Trogdon
Bring your own Macbook to see how to create a custom textbook for your curriculum. iBooks Author is free software available for Mac users that is easy to use. See how to use your existing documents, images, and video to create a powerful learning resource for your students.
Room 115

We’ve all heard the terms  digital natives, gamers, and—more recently—tablet generation.  But are these individuals autonomous learners?  What steps can teachers take to ensure that they are using iPads to create autonomous learners?  This session will include discussion about what makes a learner truly autonomous and classroom activities that promote autonomous learning.
Room 115

Finding current events to use with your students, or for students to create, is a snap with the top 10 apps you will see during this session. Learn how to create your own list of newspapers, magazines and feeds you find interesting based on what you teach.
Room 113

iTunesU Course Creation - Matt Villasana
Will your students have iPad access next year? iTunesU is an easy way to create and publish courses for your students. Include previously created documents, videos, apps, eBooks, or websites in your custom course. And it's all for free. Come create and play around with your first course.
Lab 142

This session will provide strategies for using devices on a daily basis.  Strategies for formative assessment, documenting and sharing work with teachers and between students and then ideas for projects.
Media Center

In this session, we will talk about how to use Evernote and Penultimate as teaching organizational tools, and as ways for students to organize their projects, papers and notes electronically.  Next, we will looks at iMovie as a highly engaging tool for students to document their learning.  We’ll also look at Dropbox as a place to upload and share iMovie projects.Finally, we’ll look at Markup as an option for giving writing feedback to students electronically.
Room 113