Secondary Innovation

"I'm an experienced teacher looking for new ways to offer my students innovative learning experiences."

Suggested Sessions:

iBooks: A New World of Interactive, Multitouch Digital Content - Barry Sevett, Apple Inc. - iBooks are beautiful multitouch books and learning resources for iPads and Macs. With galleries, video, interactive diagrams, 3D objects, mathematical expressions, and more, these books bring content to life in ways the printed page never could. In this session we’ll explore iBooks developed by major textbook publishers, other education content providers, educators and students.

QR Codes in the Classroom - Angel Renick, Rock Bridge High - Come learn what a QR code is, how to make one and how to use QR codes in the classroom. We will look at ways QR codes can aide in assessments, links to websites, and for classroom instruction and activities. Please download in advance: Qrafter - QR Code and Barcode Reader Free App

iBooks Author: Creating Interactive, Multitouch Digital Content - Barry Sevett, Apple Inc. - In this session you’ll have an opportunity to try out iBooks Author, an amazing, free Mac app that educators can use to create engaging digital content for iPads and Macs. iBooks Author makes it easy to create learning resources with galleries, video, interactive diagrams, 3D objects, mathematical expressions and more. If you have a Mac with iBooks Author installed, bring your favorite lesson, content and your most innovative ideas to this session. We will also have Macs available with sample digital content for you to work with.

Do Your Students Geddit? - Justin Mann, Let's Geddit App via San Francisco - Have you ever wanted to know if all students understand? Geddit goes beyond quizzing to gather real-time formative assessment data to leverage the power of your 1:1 classroom. Geddit is a free tool, created by teachers and students. You will learn how to track student confidence, techniques for responding to real-time needs and finally how to connect the dots with Geddit reports to make simple data driven decisions about your classroom.

What does the blog say? - Kristie Harms and Anne Borgmeyer, Battle High - Dog goes woof, cat goes meow, bird goes tweet, and mouse goes squeak. But there's one sound that no one knows, what does the blog say? In the twenty-first century, blogs have become a way for individuals to voice their ideas in a reflective and thoughtful way. In the high school classroom, blogs are an opportunity for students to participate in online learning communities and to contribute to a larger conversation. No matter the content area, the blog format encourages an enhanced quality of writing and a use of multimedia because students are writing for an audience and for publication. In this presentation, learn how to create a virtual, collaborative classroom with blogs and to encourage students' higher-order thinking skills through reflective public writing. 

Flipped Classrooms - Hannah Nandor, Battle High - Have you ever wondered what a flipped classroom actually looks like? Are you hesitant because you don't know where to start? Do you have concerns about having a flipped classroom? Come and learn how one teacher flipped her room half-way through the school year...and made it work! We will talk about some flipped philosophy, strategies and how to make it work in your classroom.

What if...? in the Classroom: How to Use Active Curiosity and Create Platfor(u)ms for Learning - Matt Murie - What if we pursued questions instead of answers? What if, in asking questions, we gain better direction of our learning and teaching? What If...? will share a process of how students, educators, and communities can crowdsource curiosity to uncover outcomes that are all around us...we just have to learn how to ask.

Learning Management Systems 101: An Entry-Level Look at Edmodo and - Michael Collins, Battle High - This session is intended to introduce teachers to Edmodo and, Learning Management Systems through which you can organize, communicate, and pass electronic material to your class (and more!). Think of them like class websites v2.0. Please download the following Apps: Edmodo, MyHomework,, Educreations, GoogleDrive

Top Ten Mac Tricks - Colin Hubert, Technical Support Analyst, CPS - Interested in finding out how to use your MacBook more efficiently? Join me to learn the best secrets that your MacBook is keeping. Bring your own MacBook, or borrow one for the session. CPS teachers are able to check out MacBooks from curriculum coordinators. You just have to ask!