Secondary 1:1

"I'll be teaching in a 1:1 environment next year. I'm looking for ideas to help students succeed with their access to technology."

Suggested Sessions:

Starting the Year with 1:1 iPads: Teaching Students Organization & Self-Discipline - Lynn Hagen, Battle HighIn this session we will look at how to create a productive classroom environment where students use their personal devices to enhance their education. Based on my experiences and those of my colleagues who implemented 1:1 iPad use last year, we will discuss what works and what doesn't with organization, self-discipline, classroom procedures and student work habits. By the end of the session, teachers will have concrete ideas about how to effectively start the school year with an iPad in each student's hands.

Utilizing Blackboard - Julie Nichols and Kerry Townsend, Instructional TechnologyCome learn how to use Blackboard to manage your courses, conduct online discussions, and communicate with parents. All behind a password protected space. It's easy to get started using Blackboard.

iBooks: A New World of Interactive, Multitouch Digital Content - Barry Sevett, Apple Inc. - iBooks are beautiful multitouch books and learning resources for iPads and Macs. With galleries, video, interactive diagrams, 3D objects, mathematical expressions, and more, these books bring content to life in ways the printed page never could. In this session we’ll explore iBooks developed by major textbook publishers, other education content providers, educators and students.

Do Your Students Geddit? - Justin Mann, Geddit App DeveloperHave you ever wanted to know if all students understand? Geddit goes beyond quizzing to gather real-time formative assessment data to leverage the power of your 1:1 classroom. Geddit is a free tool, created by teachers and students. You will learn how to track student confidence, techniques for responding to real-time needs and finally how to connect the dots with Geddit reports to make simple data driven decisions about your classroom. 

Classroom Management 101 for the Technology-Infused Classroom - Anna Osborn and Misha Franks, Jefferson Middle - Feeling a little overwhelmed with behavior issues when you put technology in students hands? Worried students are more involved with their screens than their partners? Feel a general sense that managing tech integration is just too much? In this session, Anna and Misha will share management strategies that span a variety of topics including organizing and planning for successful tech integration to teaching students better listening and speaking skills to make tech use a richer experience for all.

Sharing Resources, Documents, and Assessments with Colleagues and Students - Marsha Tyson and Ben Fortel, Battle HighCome to our session and add to your ipad toolbox. We will share what we have learned at Battle High School this year about sharing resources, documents and assessments. We encourage your participation as you learn how we utilize Google Drive, Teacher Websites, and QR codes to share documents with colleagues and students. We will also show you how we get it back using Showbie, a free easy way to markup work without clogging your inbox. We will also weave in some easy assessment tricks for your classroom. Apps to download prior to attending: Nearpod, Showbie, Google Drive, QRafter, Notability (pay app).

Socrative: Enjoy the Energy of the Moment - James Melton, CPS Fine Arts CoordinatorLearn to use any personal learning device as a student response device. Who needs a specialized clicker or proprietary system for administering fast opinion polls, quick quizzes, exit tickets, and even more elaborate assessments. Socrative can be what you make it, but for students the possibility to be exciting and engaging in the moment is a learning opportunity not wasted. If you would prefer, please download the official apps on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or at the Windows App StoreNo download is necessary and we will fully explore the possibilities together.  

Utilizing Evernote and StudyBlue in the 1:1 classroom - Jill Villasana, Battle High - Come see many ideas on how to distribute work to students and how to utilize student iPads for all content areas. We can talk about apps such as Evernote to disseminate content and activities and some fun apps that can make boring stuff fun! Arrive with the Evernote app downloaded and account created. 

Khan Academy in the Math Classroom - Ryan Pingrey, Battle High - This session will focus on the powerful possibilities of Khan Academy in the Mathematics classroom. See how this site can help you differentiate instruction, monitor student progress, and motivate students!

Flipped, Tipped or Tilted? Chalk it up to Blackboard - Pam Close and Rachel Tinsley, Hickman High - Not ready for a fully flipped classroom? Use the myriad of tools on the Blackboard learning platform to make curricular resources available to students, while gathering formative feedback of student learning. This session is in the style of an EduCamp, and peer-to-peer sharing within the session is encouraged. We will share our experience and projects using Blackboard in General and AP classrooms, and hope to learn from you as well. Bring ideas to share and explore new avenues of online student collaboration and assessment with your colleagues.

Learning Management Systems 101: An Entry-Level Look at Edmodo and - Michael Collins, Battle High - This session is intended to introduce teachers to Edmodo and, Learning Management Systems through which you can organize, communicate, and pass electronic material to your class (and more!). Think of them like class websites v2.0. Please download the following Apps: Edmodo, MyHomework,, Educreations, GoogleDrive