Resources for Apple Sessions


1) iMovie (697 MB)

3) Classroom (27MB)

2) Playgrounds (257 MB)

3) eClicker Audience 2 (1.8 MB)


1) iMovie for iPad Starter Guide iOS 10 (209 MB)

2) iPad Starter Guide iOS 10 (272 MB)

Content Files:

1) iMovie Project File

fieldtrip.iMovieMobile (80 MB)

On the iPad Safari will open, download the Project File. It will then ask you to Open in iMovie

2) iMovie Photo Image (6.7 MB)


On the iPad,  Safari will open and display the image. Tap and hold momentarily on the image and then Click on Save Image to place it in the Photos App

3) Learn to Code 1 Playground

Launch the Playgrounds App and download the Learn To Code 1 Playground