New Secondary

"I'm a new teacher looking for ways to actively engage my students."

Suggested Sessions:

Apps in the Cloud - Jeff Cochran and Patrick Sasser, CACC - So many tools, so little time. This fast-paced session should help you generate ideas for later application. Watch demonstration of cloud-based apps used to save time and integrate technology into the classroom. Session includes: Google tools, QR codes, concept maps, word clouds, polling apps, texting apps, and Chrome browser extensions and app options.

Google Docs in the Classroom - Katherine Sasser, Rock Bridge High - Learn how to use Google Docs in the classroom. Integrate your device by building a daily course schedule, creating folders & digital files, sharing web links, and using entrance/exit slips all from one easily accessible source! Students won't have to wait on you for directions and instead can go directly to their homescreen on their device to initiate work for the day. Students can even submit work via Google Docs. Hooray! Come check out the possibilities!

LMS Integration (Tools/Techniques for Blended and Online Courses) - Jeff Cochran and Patrick Sasser, CACC - Learn instructional strategies and time saving techniques when implementing online components to your courses. See what features and options Blackboard offers as well as other online tools.

Using Twitter to build your Personal Learning Network - Jayme Pingrey, Battle High Media Specialist - Interested in connecting with other teachers to share advice, resources, links, and other useful information? Have you considered how social media can be used to build your professional repertoire of teaching tools? Come to this session that focuses on how to use twitter to share and collect resources. 

Making Curriculum Accessible to All Learners - Wendy Gruber and Kitty Peer, Smithton Middle - Learn about some of the tools currently available that help struggling readers listen to curriculum materials and struggling writers listen to their own writing for spelling and editing support.

#TwitterTalk - Amanda Klenke, Battle HighDo you want to publicize the great things happening in your class? Come to #TwitterTalk to find out more about educational Twitter and how to make it work for you! *Please come with an account already created* We will also discuss PicCollage and project-based learning.

What does the blog say? - Kristie Harms and Anne Borgmeyer, Battle High - Dog goes woof, cat goes meow, bird goes tweet, and mouse goes squeak. But there's one sound that no one knows, what does the blog say? In the twenty-first century, blogs have become a way for individuals to voice their ideas in a reflective and thoughtful way. In the high school classroom, blogs are an opportunity for students to participate in online learning communities and to contribute to a larger conversation. No matter the content area, the blog format encourages an enhanced quality of writing and a use of multimedia because students are writing for an audience and for publication. In this presentation, learn how to create a virtual, collaborative classroom with blogs and to encourage students' higher-order thinking skills through reflective public writing. 

Flipped, Tipped or Tilted? Chalk it up to Blackboard - Pam Close and Rachel Tinsley, Hickman High - Not ready for a fully flipped classroom? Use the myriad of tools on the Blackboard learning platform to make curricular resources available to students, while gathering formative feedback of student learning. This session is in the style of an EduCamp, and peer-to-peer sharing within the session is encouraged. We will share our experience and projects using Blackboard in General and AP classrooms, and hope to learn from you as well. Bring ideas to share and explore new avenues of online student collaboration and assessment with your colleagues.

What if...? in the Classroom: How to Use Active Curiosity and Create Platfor(u)ms for Learning - Matt Murie - What if we pursued questions instead of answers? What if, in asking questions, we gain better direction of our learning and teaching? What If...? will share a process of how students, educators, and communities can crowdsource curiosity to uncover outcomes that are all around us...we just have to learn how to ask.

Teacher Access Center: Did You Know? - Rob Baker, TSDid you know that TAC has a calendar where your assignments can be posted and viewed by students and parents? TAC has a built in Rubric feature? You can attach documents to assignments that can be accessed by students and parents in Home Access Center? You can import grades into your gradebook when a student comes mid-year? You can use TAC on your iPad? Drop by to check out some of the lesser known features of TAC.