New Elementary

"I'm just starting out. I'm looking for some easy ways to integrate technology to enhance student learning."

Suggested Sessions:

Twitter Talk - Cassandra Baxter and Vesta Hotchkiss, Mill Creek 3rd and Kindergarten - Does the thought of using twitter leave you feeling less than enthused? Have no worries! Tweeting isn't just for the birds anymore. We will help you set up your own classroom Twitter account, send your first tweet, and tell you all about the crazy hashtag thing. Already have a Twitter account? Don't worry. We'll give you ideas and real life examples of taking things to the next level. #itsgoingtobegreat!

Using Google Drive in the Classroom - Jenifer Smith and Cindy Hobbs, Russell 5th/3rd Grade - Teachers will learn how to implement google drive in their classrooms. Attendees should have google drive, google docs, and google sheets downloaded on their ipads. Cindy and Jenifer will share how google drive transformed their classrooms allowing for collaboration and authentic interaction through their experiences with a one to one classroom of ipads.

Blogging 101 - Ariel Schwarting and Rachel Vogt, Grant 3rd Grade - This session will provide an overview and tutorial of creating a classroom and/or student blog. See how easy it is to create a beautiful and informative blog for your classroom. It's the centerpiece for the sharing of all your student work. Please have the Blogger app downloaded prior to attending.

AppSmashing - Sharon Stemmons and Becky Ross, Mill Creek Media Specialist and 1st Grade - Have you ever wanted to use one feature of an app to make something in a different app? Well, now you can! Come and learn how to use apps in conjunction with each other to make a fabulous finished product! Some suggested apps to download in advance are: Pic Stitch, Chatterpix, Tellagami, Keynote, iMovie, Haiku Deck, Prezzi, 30 hands, Doodle Buddy, and Explain Everything.

Co-Teaching Common Core: Media Specialists and Teachers - Sarah Easley, West Blvd. Media SpecialistMany of the CCSS require students to fluently use technology and consume/produce a variety of media. Media specialists, do you know how to help your teachers? Teachers, do you know how your media specialist can help you? This session will cover the major areas of CCSS where media specialists can assist and provide some ideas for collaborative projects.

Google Galore: Utilizing Google Tools with Students - Nikki Kunkel, Shepard 4th Grade - Google offers a multitude of free and easy to understand tools. In this session, I will share ways I utilize Google Blogger and Google Drive with my students. From book club assignments to homework, these tools offer accessibility and an avenue for student creativity. It would be helpful if you download Google Blogger and Google Drive apps prior to this session.

Engagement Through Inquiry - Carla Chaffin, eMINTS National CenterHow to incorporate inquiry into the classroom will be modeled for participants including apps for online connections. A taste of the eMINTS Instructional Model and questioning strategies will be incorporated for developing lesson design techniques.

Crossover Presentation Apps - Debbie Perkins and Terri Brines, eMINTS National Center - Wondering what apps to use for Androids and iPads? Join us to work with apps that will support learning in your classroom no matter what digital device is in your students’ hands. We will explore presentation and productivity apps that are free on both Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

What if...? in the Classroom: How to Use Active Curiosity and Create Platfor(u)ms for Learning - Matt Murie - What if we pursued questions instead of answers? What if, in asking questions, we gain better direction of our learning and teaching? What If...? will share a process of how students, educators, and communities can crowdsource curiosity to uncover outcomes that are all around us...we just have to learn how to ask.