Elementary Schedule

Create with Apps! - Matt Villasana
Tired of all those drill and kill apps? Come play around with some great apps that students can use to create projects and demonstrate their learning. We'll have time to practice using each app.
Media Center

Get Into Great and Integrate! - Sharon Stemmons, Sharon Salmons, Lillian Hoell
Three K-5 educators share how they have integrated technology into their lessons to make them more interactive and exciting for students.  Utilized technology includes QR codes, Senteos, Prezi/Webquest, iMovie, and handheld GPS's.  Also learn about using Photo Story 3—a free program designed to help anyone create audiovisual presentations out of photos and images.
Room 113

See how to teach your students to plan and create movies to support literacy goals. You'll see how easy it is to use Photostory and iMovie at any level.
Room 117

How do we create life long learners?  Come explore how iPads can help you develop your students into life long learners.  From ways to integrate technology into communication with parents to unit plans to use with students.  You'll get quick and fast how to's on ways to integrate technology just one small step at a time.
Media Center

During this session you will learn about many new apps that can be used as student or teacher tools to enhance education. You will share apps with colleagues in a 'Speed Dating'- style format.  Please come with one or two apps that you are willing to share.
Room 117

Using Blogger for Authentic Publication - Nikki Smith, Melanie Drury, Hannah Hassemer
Blogger is a wonderful resource that is free and easy to use.  It can be a powerful method for sharing student learning.  Come and learn how to guide your students into the art of blogging in a controlled and manageable way.
Room 140

Web 2.0 for Elementary - Matt Villasana
There are so many great online resources for students, but how do you know the best ones to use. This session will focus on tried and true web 2.0 tools for the elementary classroom. Come ready to think about how you can transform your teaching with these great, free tools.
Room 115

iPack Basics - Wendy Lentz, Robin Sherman, Allison Chostner
Do you feel like you need a 6-pack before you can even think about managing your iPack?  Drop in, ask questions and get ideas on how teachers are managing and using them in their classrooms.  Whether you have your iPacks full time or checked out for a block of time there are options for you!
Room 117

Trick or Tweet - Samantha Adams, Brian Rehg
Ever wondered how resources like Twitter and Facebook might be used within your classroom or school?  This session will give you some ideas and ways to use these resources  to enhance the learning and communication taking place in your classroom and within your entire school.
Room 117