Elementary Innovation

"I'm an experienced teacher. I'm looking for new ideas to challenge myself and my students."

Suggested Sessions:

Teaching Reading and Writing using LEGO Story Starters - Heather McCullar, Benton STEM SpecialistDo you want students to learn how to make their own stories? Have you ever thought about using Legos to do just that? Come learn all about how to use the Lego Story Starter materials and software. You will even get a chance to create your own lego story.

Using iMovie and Multimedia Projects to Enhance Learning - Amberleigh Slaven and Janette Henry, Mill Creek 5th Grade - This session will share the use of iMovie and multimedia projects in the classroom. It will include planning stages and student examples (grades K-5). Participants will be given the opportunity to share ideas for classroom implementation. It would be helpful to have a Google account, Prezi account, and a movie-making app (such as iMovie or Photostory).

AppSmashing - Sharon Stemmons and Becky Ross, Mill Creek Media Specialist and 1st Grade - Have you ever wanted to use one feature of an app to make something in a different app? Well, now you can! Come and learn how to use apps in conjunction with each other to make a fabulous finished product! Some suggested apps to download in advance are: Pic Stitch, Chatterpix, Tellagami, Keynote, iMovie, Haiku Deck, Prezzi, 30 hands, Doodle Buddy, and Explain Everything.

Flip It! - Allison Chostner and Robin Sherman, Midway 5th Grade/Media Specialist - You will learn easy steps and strategies to begin flipping your classroom tomorrow! We will show you the best technology and resources to support the flipped classroom and tap into your creativity. Come learn about great tools and technology that you will be able to use whether you are a novice or expert.

Authentic Research with Genius Hour - Aubrey Ash, Shepard 4th Grade - Looking for a new way to offer challenging learning opportunities to your students? You should try implementing Genius Hour. Based on Google's "20% Time", Genius Hour gives students the chance to ask questions, conduct research, and present their findings on any topic that interests them. Come learn how to embed this engaging time into your busy schedule. Get tips, see student projects, and ask your own questions to help get you started. 

Set Your Sites on Sites: Using Google Sites for Portfolios and Project-Based Learning - John Nies, Grant 5th Grade - Looking for an easy, student-created digital portfolio that can be shared with any audience? The presenter will share how his students used Google Sites for electronic portfolios and for web site creation within a community science project.

Going Green with a Green Screen - Beth and Ken Koster, Centralia Intermediate Media Specialist and Instructional TechnologyA green screen app makes it easy to create incredible green screen videos right on your ipad. You can tell a story, explain an idea, produce a news broadcast, create a commercial and express yourself in truly creative and unique ways. During this session learn how one media specialist used this app to enhance learning and then you will create a green screen movie. Since the app, Green Screen by Do Ink ranges in price from free - $4.99, ipads will be provided with the app on it so you may experience the creation of a green screen video in small groups. So Go Green at Technopalooza!

Game On: It's MIT's Scratch - Anne Schoelz and Josh Ray, Russell and Benton Media SpecialistsComputational logic and coding are engaging real world methods to get you and your students problem solving in any content area. Scratch is an open ended tool which incorporates math and literacy into any project. My favorite part is the collaboration in the classroom between students, and students and the teacher. All this, and it is free. Come and find out the basics so you can get started.

What if...? in the Classroom: How to Use Active Curiosity and Create Platfor(u)ms for Learning - Matt MurieWhat if we pursued questions instead of answers? What if, in asking questions, we gain better direction of our learning and teaching? What If...? will share a process of how students, educators, and communities can crowdsource curiosity to uncover outcomes that are all around us...we just have to learn how to ask.