Elementary 1:1

"I'm going to have a 1:1 iPad classroom next year. What do I need to do to be ready?"

Suggested Sessions:

Easing into Integration: Easy ideas for your 1:1 classroom - Abby McClelland, Mill Creek 3rd Grade - From math to read aloud, in this session you'll discover ways to integrate iPads into your existing curriculum. We will use the following apps and sites: Google Drive, Keynote, Qrafter, Today's Meet, iMovie, Doodle Buddy, Snapguide, Notability

Using Google Drive in the Classroom - Jenifer Smith and Cindy Hobbs, Russell 5th/3rd GradeTeachers will learn how to implement google drive in their classrooms. Attendees should have google drive, google docs, and google sheets downloaded on their ipads. Cindy and Jenifer will share how google drive transformed their classrooms allowing for collaboration and authentic interaction through their experiences with a one to one classroom of ipads.

Flip It! - Allison Chostner and Robin Sherman, Midway 5th Grade/Media SpecialistYou will learn easy steps and strategies to begin flipping your classroom tomorrow! We will show you the best technology and resources to support the flipped classroom and tap into your creativity. Come learn about great tools and technology that you will be able to use whether you are a novice or expert.
Do Your Students Geddit? - Justin Mann, Let's Geddit App via San FranciscoHave you ever wanted to know if all students understand? Geddit goes beyond quizzing to gather real-time formative assessment data to leverage the power of your 1:1 classroom. Geddit is a free tool, created by teachers and students. You will learn how to track student confidence, techniques for responding to real-time needs and finally how to connect the dots with Geddit reports to make simple data driven decisions about your classroom.

Blackboard for Elementary 1:1 - Tim Trogdon, Instructional Technology - Going to have a classroom full of iPads and fifth graders? Come learn how to use Blackboard to manage your courses, conduct online discussions, and communicate with parents. All behind a password protected space. It's easy to get started using Blackboard.

Best Apps for your 1:1 Classroom - Leanna Guillory and Susan Heath, Shepard 3rd GradeHave you downloaded an app and found it wasn't what you thought it was? We will provide you with a list of tried and true apps that we have used in the classroom that align with 3-5 grade objectives...and kids love them. Included will be apps that can be used for enriching and remediating your curriculum. Also included will be apps that we have found to be helpful in researching and tips on how to make researching go more smoothly using iPads.

Traveling Through Third Grade: A Peek Inside our Year with Technology - Maggie Eastman, Grant 3rd Grade - Excited about your new 1:1 classroom? I spent all last year using iPads in my 1:1 third grade classroom. Learn new ways you can incorporate educational apps into your everyday curriculum.

Crossover Presentation Apps - Debbie Perkins and Terri Brines, eMINTS National CenterWondering what apps to use for Androids and iPads? Join us to work with apps that will support learning in your classroom no matter what digital device is in your students’ hands. We will explore presentation and productivity apps that are free on both Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

Using Book Creator for Digital Publication - Amy McKinzie, Rock Bridge Elementary - Come see how to easily publish student writing with Book Creator on the iPad. We'll show great examples of student work and then have time to create your own eBook. iPads will be available and preloaded with Book Creator. We'll also discuss options for purchasing apps for use in your classroom.