2018 Session Descriptions

Way Mo' Than a Slideshow - Joshua Howard, Fulton Public Schools
Most people think of Google Slides as just a presentation tool. But you can do way more with Google Slides than create Powerpoints! During this session, we will take a look at ways of creating learning experiences like stop motion movies, animations, student created videos, interactive documents, podcasts, animated GIFs and many more interactive projects. We’ll also cover some Google Slides tips and tricks that will help you become a true Google Slides expert.
Room: Media Center

From Pages to iBooks - Rebecca Munsterman and Tabi Williams, Ridgeway Elementary
Learn how students can create in the pages app and then combine their work to create a class ibook. Please bring an iPad and have the "pages" app downloaded.
Room: F103

Interested in ways that technology can help you with implementing formative assessments into your lessons? Want ways to mix up your instructional strategies for your NEE observations? Come to this session focused on digital tools to use for formative student assessment. Be prepared to take away a collection of resources to explore at your leisure. 
Room: F104

Increasing Student Engagement and Sora by OverDrive - Michael Evans, OverDrive
How schools are utilizing OverDrive to increase student engagement and an introduction to Sora, OverDrive's new user experience for students.
Room: F105

Visual Programming in your Classroom - Brandy Sanchez, Daniel Boone Regional Library
Test drive educational technology that teaches visual programming to elementary and middle school students. We'll experiment with Cubelets, Osmo, and Dash & Dot robots. Also, you'll learn about free public library resources to supplement your STEAM curriculum. 
Room: F107

Social Studies Games, Webquests, and more! - Jill Villasana, Battle High School
I freaking love iCivics and my students do too! Fun games and webquests that make it easy for your to show your students "how" this is important. Particularly applicable to upper elementary, middle, and high school teachers that have some type of civics, government, or political science aspect to their curriculum.
Room: F109

Sound On: Student-Produced Podcasts as a Tool for Rhetorical Understanding - Kristie Harms and Molly Pozel, Battle High School
Room: F208

What the Hype! - Lindsey Schwarzer and Krisy Wilhelm, Jefferson City Public Schools
Have you ever heard of the Hyperloop?? This supersonic mode of transportation could soon be in action in our area. From watching a video clip explaining the revolutionary science behind the advances in technology around us to predicting the outcomes of real-world situations, the hyperloop is used as a hook to get students interested in accelerated motion. Students then work through a hyperdoc using real-world science related current events, literacy integration, and engaging tasks to continue learning about accelerated motion. As students finish they reanalyze the hyperloop by applying their new motion equations to an unpredictable situation showing their understanding of motion.
Room: F210

Five Minute Assessments - Jodie Langston, New Franklin R-1
Have you ever wanted to do a quick assessment with your students but didn't know how? We will show you quick, informal, and fun assessments to use with your students to make sure they are learning what they need to. You will learn how to use Padlet, Flipgrid, Seesaw, Quizlet, and Kahoot as a quick assessment tool. 
Room: F214

No more boring Book Projects - Rebecca Bevel-Smith, Oakland Middle School
Looking for a new way to engage students to share about the books that they are reading? Tired of grading power points or reading book summaries? This session will give you several different ideas for engaging students to create Book Trailers and Book Posters using iMovie, Pic Collage, and other innovative technology. 
Room: F219

Creating with Clips: Discover this App from Apple for Making Videos - Apple
Get an in-depth look at Clips, an app that makes it quick and fun for anyone to create expressive videos on iPhone and iPad. Learn power tips and tricks for getting the most out of Clips and discover the infinite possibilities for storytelling, assessment, presentations, and more.
Room: G104

Engaging Students with STEM Resources - Heather Miller, EVERFI
How will you increase student interest in STEM and career paths in that sector? Educators will receive access to a variety of innovative web-based, student-driven resources at NO COST which takes students into the science, technology, engineering, and math behind their world, and introduces them to STEM careers. 

The resources are student-driven, standards-aligned, and have assessments embedded into them, enabling students to go at their own pace as the teacher can be a facilitator in the classroom and see measurable outcomes from student work. Join us or visit www.EVERFI.com to learn more
Room: G105

Listening & Speaking: Podcasts in the Classroom - Erika Fitch and Julia Gray, Beaulah Ralph ES
Attendees will learn about podcasts as a way to meet listening and speaking standards. Other topics incorporated into the session include Schoology, research skills, and Google Apps. 
Room: G107

Smash Classroom Boredom w/ Smashboard! - Sarah Rausch, Two Mile Prairie Elementary
Smashboard Edu is a structured way of engaging students in inquiry / problem-based learning. Come experience Smashboard and learn how to set one up for your students!
Room: G109

App smashing with Seesaw - Lindsey Mueller, Two Mile Prairie Elementary
Are you ready to explore using Seesaw, the digital learning portfolio, beyond the basics? Do you want to learn how to help engage students with fun apps and have a way to hold them accountable? This is the session for you. We will explore apps that are compatible with Seesaw like ChatterKid, Pic Kids, Doodle Buddy, TeleStory, and more! You will learn how to incorporate these apps into multiple subject areas. Be sure to download Seesaw and the mentioned apps.
Room: G208

Managing the Madness of a Classroom Library - Ariel Schwarting, Grant Elementary
Are you tired of organizing and reorganizing your classroom library? Are your students clueless when it comes to putting books back in the correct places? Do you ever buy the same book twice because you forgot you already had it? Then this is the session for you! Learn about a simple way to organize and take inventory of your classroom library. Please create an account on www.booksource.com and download the Booksource app to your iPad prior to attending the session. If you would like, bring a few books from your library to practice inputting. 
Room: G210

Elementary Engineering: Teaching Engineering through Project Lead the Way and Engineering is Elementary - Kristen Burkemper and Kerry Townsend, Columbia Public Schools
Come learn about bringing great engineering lessons to your elementary students. We will explore both Project Lead the Way and Engineering Is Elementary resources that are available in CPS. You will participate in a hands-on, engaging mini-lesson using these resources. 
Room: G214

Thinking Outside the Four-Walled Classroom - Marsha Tyson and Barri Bumgarner, Battle HS and Westminster College
Teaching is no longer limited to traditional classrooms. Learning happens everywhere, and with the right tools, it is more relevant to digital natives. Participants will energize their teaching and take students outside the "walls" with Nearpod, 360 videos, Cardboard, EdPuzzle, Twitter, & more!
Room: Media Center

AR apps for fun and education - John Riley, MOREnet
Augmented reality (AR) apps enhance what you see and show you more. They can augment innovative presentations by adding digital dimension to static print, or bringing images to life in a video, or by adding instructions to everyday items around the house. We will focus on available apps that you might use to add content and fun to your classroom. 
Room: F103

Just Say "Yes!" to "No Red Ink!" - Julia Ross, Oakland Middle School
ELA & ELL teachers everywhere can collectively let out a sigh of relief--easy grammar instruction, practice, and assessment is finally at students' finger tips! Learn about how to set up and use NoRedInk.com in your classroom to assign whole class or individualized instruction for all your grammar needs, with the option to first assign a diagnostic test to identify students' areas of greatest weakness. The website includes pathways for all grades k-12, so teachers from all levels will benefit. 
Room: F104

Podcasting as an Alternative to "The Essay" - Jordan Smith, Battle High School
As a way to more purposefully teach media literacy, I introduced podcasting in my classroom. Over the course of the assignment, students are exposed to script writing, research, basic audio engineering, and skills for oral storytelling. This session will focus on the merits of podcasting over traditional forms of writing and will cover the successes and potential snags of podcasting in the classroom. It is suggested you have a voice recording device (iPhone Voice Memos, for example), and a device to conduct quick research, but these are certainly not required.  
Room: F105

Using OneNote for interactive note booking and beyond - Clayton Elmy and Rachel Tinsley, Battle HS
We will be showcasing actual student note books from the previous year. We will also have an example of BHS's entire Biology curriculum built into a OneNote notebook. We will hit on the possibilities and benefits of using OneNote as an organization tool and delivery system for students and teachers.
Room: F107

Bringing Social Studies to Life - Shelli Thelen, Paxton Keeley ES
In this session, teachers will experience a variety of tools that will bring social studies to life. Using Padlet, Hyperlinks, Wing Clips, Expedition, Virtual Field Trips, and other helpful links will be introduced. Whether holding a gas mask from WWI or visiting the USS Missouri at Pearl students will be asking more questions and engaged in content. This session will connect to ELA and can be applied to most grade levels, including secondary. Please have the app Expedition loaded prior to the session.
Room: F109

Get Formative with Formative - Frank Barhorst, Gentry Middle School
Learn about Formative (goformative.com) which is a website that allows you to create formative assessments (A.K.A formatives), act on live responses, and track student growth on specific standards! It works on any device and there are a variety of question types for all teachers to use:
- show your work (students can draw their responses)
- short answer
- essay
- multiple selection/check all that apply
- multiple choice
- true or false
Room: F208

Cooperative Learning through Animated Videos - Tim Gilmore, New Bloomfield High School
Interested in engaging students through video animation? Attend this session and learn how to develop animated videos that go hand-in-hand with cooperative learning activities. We will show you how to develop the animated videos and a variety of cooperative learning strategies that go with them. This method is a great way to get your students excited about applying their knowledge to real-life situations all while your students are active within your classroom!
Room: F214

Parent-School Communication: There is S'More to It! - Chris Drury, Smithton Middle School
Communication with our CPS families and communication with staff is key to student success. The transition out of elementary school can be hard on our students and their families. Our parents just want to be informed and feel like the are in the "loop" with what is going on in school. There are several ways to achieve this goal of constant communication. One new tool is S'more. It can be used as a way to communicate with families and an easy way to communicate with your staff. There are also several educators that are currently putting out S'more newsletters as a way to build their Professional Learning Network. This session will give you an introduction to S'more, some tricks and tips, an intro to some S'more's to know, and a chance to discuss best practices with colleagues. We will have five free S'more subscriptions as give away for participants of the session. Please bring an iPad or other device to the session. 
Room: F219

Learn to Code with iPad - Apple
Coding is an essential skill that teaches problem-solving, develops teamwork, and inspires creativity. Learn how you can engage elementary and middle school students in the world of coding on iPad with visual-based apps, Swift Playgrounds, and Everyone Can Code resources designed for teachers.
Room: G104

Stop Motion - Let's Make a Movie! - Kara Johnson and Whitney Adams, Lee Elementary
Can students create movies to show their learning? Of course they can! In this session, you will learn how you and your students can create simple stop-motion animated films. These films can be used to show learning across all subject areas. No special experience or expertise needed - anyone can do this! Please download Stop Motion and iMovie.
Room: G105

Infection: Tips and Tricks for World Domination - Kyle Lestina, Two Mile Prairie Elementary
Teach your students about research, geography, health, science, social studies, technology, and world domination in one amazing unit. Using the Infection app students can run simulations of diseases in a user friendly yet highly detailed model of our world. Learn how to apply standards from multiple disciplines in an extremely customizable and thoroughly engaging unit. Attendees will need to have an iPad with the free Infection App downloaded. This will be an interactive session where teachers will...
Use the infection app to simulate the spread of an infectious disease
Connect standards in any discipline to classroom activities
Use research and inquiry strategies to explore the history and impact of disease
Use case studies and simulations to identify health challenges and solutions involved in the spreading of disease globally.
Apply their understanding of the spread of disease and prevention methods to health problems relevant to our world.
Become a disease detective and join us on the road to pathology! 
Room: G107

Using Schoology for the 4 C's - Ryan Pingrey, Jefferson Middle School
Are you only using Schoology to post resources for students and maybe have students turn in an assignment? Want to use it for the 4 C's - Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking?! Yea, you do! Many teachers don't realize all that you can do with Schoology; come to this session to see what you and your students are missing!
Room: G109

Paperless classroom using Seesaw for every subject - Kerri Stith, Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary
Seesaw is an amazing way to not only go paperless but an amazing way to keep parents up to date on their students learning. We will go over the basics of seesaw but dig into how to use it in the classroom daily in every subject area. This can be for a classroom that is one to one or Chromebooks but students can share as well. We will have you ready to go for the first day of school with activity ideas for all grade levels.
Room: G208

Lights! Camera! Action! - Beth White, Oakland and Lange Middle Schools
You have been wanting to learn to make videos or have higher quality student videos. You know you do. Come join us and we can dive in together! Want to incorporate more student based videos (or your own!) into your lessons? Learn and practice using the following video apps available for free on student ipads to bring students onto center stage. The apps can be used to teach content, review material or assess student learning. Make (or teach your students to make) interactive videos that can be used in any instructional area: core subjects, music, languages, art, counseling.

The 5 video apps introduced will be: Explain Everything, Clips, Vid maker, imovie, pic collage. These are all available on self-service.

If these are new apps, welcome to learn these hands-on; if you use these already, come learn some new ideas to use in different applications. All are welcome!
Room: G210

Your Pace or Mine? - Erin Thompson and Michele Winter, Smithton Middle School
In this session you will learn how to create a student-paced unit of study in Schoology. We will share how we were able to progress-monitor, address struggling learners, and assess student learning all while using very little paper and giving students the opportunity to learn at their own rate. 
Room: G214

Explaining Explainers - Nathan Byrne, NEWSY
Learn how teachers and students can benefit from the "explainer" journalism trend. See examples of explainers that take otherwise complex topics and break them down without dumbing them down. We will also explore the possibility of teachers seeding ideas to be turned into actual videos they can use in the classroom.
Room: Media Center

Fun & Games: Media Literacy, Media Making, and Lesson Plans - Allison Coffelt, True/False Film Fest and Ragtag Cinema
In this session, we'll briefly discuss media literacy (its importance and tenants) and then dive into classroom activities and curricular tie-ins. Our goal is to showcase a few different lesson plans that teachers have used, talk about different modes of media-making, and discuss together what has and hasn't worked in your experience. This session will be lead by True/False Film Fest & Ragtag Cinema staff.
Room: F103

Schoology is powerful. Schoology with Google Integration is transformational. In our world where consistency is so imperative, picking one tech platform always seemed like the safer route. However, the time is here where you can fuse the instructional capabilities of Schoology with the collaborative capacity of Google to provide the most streamlined and organized curriculum for your students. With help from a Google Certified, high school English teacher (who has gone 80% digital in her classroom) you will get an overview of the integration tools available, a look into a Research Unit that was 100% Sc-Google-gy, and a list of common barriers you will face with quick-fix solutions of how to troubleshoot on the spot. 
Room: F104

Guinea Pigs, Kindergartners, and iMovie, Oh My! - Rebecca Munsterman and Molly Lyman, Ridgeway Elementary
Come watch adorable student created movies staring their class pets and discover the process of making a class movie of your own. Everything from teaching story elements and script writing to preparing costumes/sets/props, filming, and editing. Please have iMovie downloaded on your iPad.
Room: F105

Dragons, Orcs & Magic, Oh my!!! - Shawn Beatty, CPS
Gamify your class! Classcraft provides a great framework to encourage students to collaborate and push themselves. Who doesn't want to work together with their team or class to defeat the boss, earn XP (AND powers!!!) and buy cool outfits and pets. Learn how to make quests and boss battles. Extremely user friendly with a great network of support. 
Room: F107

Blended Learning and Standards Referenced Grading - Hannah Nandor, Battle High School
Come learn how the Battle Chemistry PLT use blended learning to support standards referenced grading in their on-level and honors classes. We will look at the scoring scales and how to use Schoology as a blended learning platform. 
Room: F109

CPS Online--Columbia Public School’s “Virtual Campus” - David Bones, CPS
Columbia Public Schools offered 25 seats/semester to students grades 9-12 interested in taking a course online in 2010-11. Look how we’ve grown: this spring, 300 students took one or more online classes from a selection of over 40 offerings through what is now known as “CPS Online.” And this summer over 500 students 9-12 are registered for an online class through CPS Online.

CPS Online appeals to a variety of students: those who appreciate the choice of when/where to “do school;” to those with school anxiety/stress issues; and those who want to free up time in their schedules for other opportunities and responsibilities. CPS Online creates opportunities for CPS students.

Join us to learn more about Columbia Public School’s “virtual campus:” CPS Online. You’ll learn about the structure of CPS Online, who it serves, as well as future plans for program growth to meet our ever-changing community of learners.
Room: F208

One Year with OneNote - Stephanie Harmon, Rock Bridge HS
I will share successes and challenges experienced during the past year of exclusively using OneNote with my classes. Participants will learn tips and tricks (as well as pitfalls and things to avoid) that I learned the hard way as well as get the opportunity to begin setting up a Notebook of their own. Participants should bring their device and have access OneNote.
Room: F210

Moving Beyond Poster Board: Using Google Sites to Create Digital Portfolios - Melissa Smith, Battle High School
Engage your students in the rigorous academic standards of portfolio collection housed in the tech savvy package of a Google site. Learn how to facilitate student compilation of artifacts, guide their summative reflection process with higher-order thinking, and utilize the features of Google sites to create permanent, digital archives of their coursework. Bring a laptop and big ideas to collaborate on this rewarding standards-based assessment. 
Room: F214

Connecting Your Students with Favorite Authors - Lynn Hagen, Battle High School
Have you always wanted to connect your students with some of their favorite authors? In this session we'll explore the power of student/author connections, share our experiences, and help participants connect their students with favorite authors. We'll explore connecting through professional learning networks, social media platforms, video conferences, and finally, author visits to schools.
Room: F219

Everyone Can Create - Apple
Come explore Apple's new Everyone Can Create Curriculum built for teachers and students! The Everyone Can Create Curriculum is a versatile set of resources to help you infuse core creative skills into the topics you teach every day. The student guide includes self-paced lessons designed to teach students skills and techniques that will help them express themselves through video, photography, music, and drawing.
Room: G104

The Golden Age of Student Voice - Kelly Penn, Battle High School
While reading The Great Gatsby my English 11 classes complete blogs for each chapter of the book.They do their blogs in Schoology. They take on the persona of one of the characters and write a diary entry about the events of the chapter from that character's point of view. Their entries must be a paragraph in length. Then they respond to two others blogs. They must respond with two complete sentences per blog.  
Room: G105

Differentiation via Schoology - Ricky Presberry, Battle High School
Creating leveled instructional groups using Schoology member features is a convenient way to promote differentiation within your instruction. See how to ensure students get more individualized instruction through these features and how to sync results straight to your eschool gradebook.
Room: G107

Microbits in the Classroom! - Charles, Columbia STEM Alliance
Come find out how you can use the micro:bit to engage students with STEAM activities using computer science. The micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun! Each attendant will receive their own micro:bit as well as LOTS of great ways to use this device in any classroom! 
Room: G109

Around the World with Google - Becky Baugh and Lori Doerhoff, Battle High School
Will explain a project where we used Google Drawing, Google Docs, and Google Tour Builder. Will explain how students are given "roles" and how you as a teacher, can watch the progress being made right from your computer. This really puts accountability on the students when working together. This eliminates the issue of one student doing all the work and the group riding on their coat tails!
Room: G210

Using Podcasts for Debate - Adym Cooney, Battle High School
This session is designed to give a new creative spin on having a debate. This session will discuss one of the top communication mediums in today's societies: Pocasts! While introducing the project to the participants, they will be able to see how this medium will be used to generate arguments, while also learning more about making a podcast.
Room: G214